UK Housing Trusts - Help for tenants

There are a few furniture schemes available for new tenants. This should help them to settle in to their houses and help them set up the living environment that they want to have. The furniture comes as part of the rent and the pieces are rented based on what the tenants want from a participating provider. There is a wide choice of items available for rent and the tenants will be able to rent anything from comfortable sofas to modern dining tables. The cost of renting the property will also go up as there would be an additional costs for the parts rented, and all the costs are made clear before the tenants agree to move in.

UK Housing Trusts - What they do best

"Working with our residents and communities we offer a range of housing, property management, regeneration, community and support services."

Waiting lists are a part of Housing Trust life and being on a list is no guarantee of accomadation in the near future.
Once you apply, you'll be put on a waiting list and that could be it. Housing associations normally offer housing to people most suited to that particular property. You may have to wait a long time for a suitable property to become available. see Help and advice getting on the waiting lists.

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